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                • Texas Power Outage - Emergency Power - Storage Power - Outdoor Power

                  A third of the United States is reported to have experienced unusually severe weather. Millions of people in Texas have been left without power or water due to an unusually cold snap. The extreme weather has killed nearly 50 people across the United States, more than half of them in the worst-hit state.

                  2021-04-08 admin 3370

                • What do you know about portable power station?

                  Compared with the United States, Japan and other relatively mature countries, China's energy storage started late, and energy storage was listed in the Action Plan of Energy Development Strategy in 2014. Now China's energy storage policy is also being continuously improved.Driven by the state and giant enterprises, the energy storage industry is constantly changing, and the domestic energy storage power supply is still a market to be opened up.As a small energy storage equipment, energy storage power supply has gradually become the potential of market development.

                  2021-04-08 admin 4124

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